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Good times.

Good afternoon, everyone! (it is afternoon here in Brunei Darussalam. currently it is 12:46PM when I started writing this)

Just want to reminisce one of the unforgettable moments regarding my interaction with him. Yeap, my cutie pie oppa. :) (and writing a post about him which also means I really miss him so damn much. sigh)

one Saturday afternoon, we were talking about music. my dear cutie pie, as a Korean, ofcourse he is proud of promoting the Korean wave to me (which I assume I know more of the K-pop music than him. jk)

We spit out various of artists that we like. I asked which Korean artists is his favorite. He said it is ‘Bobby Kim’ (he listens to the ‘now-decade’ K-pop songs too. ha). The cutest thing is, he smiled when I said, “I will try to listen to some of Bobby Kim’s songs”. Lovely thing is, my co-worker caught that he smiled at my words. Yurisa(the co-worker who caught him smiling) whispered to me, “he is smiling”. Upon hearing that, I smiled too in my heart.

He then played 2 of the songs on his phone. The first song was Taeyang’s ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’. I immediately said that it is my favorite song and I loved all of the songs in the album. I again comfortably say, “I could sing this song to you but my voice is ugly” #truth I am shameless…..or just comfortable saying that to him haha :) then after that I said that I was just kidding.

The most memorable thing during our ‘music conversation’ is when he said he wanted to catch my breath. Yes, no joke (ㅋㅋ). He played this particular song from his phone(the song sounds familiar but I couldn’t remember it. turned out I’ve listened to the song since it is first released). He played it so loudly in the lobby lol. When I looked at his phone, I am trying to figure out what song it is. The title is in Hangul and since I can read Hangul(slowly) I am like taking his phone to get a closer look. I asked for a permission, “can I pause the song for awhile?” I then paused the song and read out the title of the song. “Sum-su-ri?”?

Yeah, it means catch your breath

I know it is just a simple phase from him answering my question. but why am I sorta touched by it hahahahahahha so silly finn

so that is all I have to share from our music talk. You guys can listen to the song he promoted here:

ZE:A[제국의아이들] 숨소리(Breathe) Official M/V